Jubilee House

Jubilee House
Jubilee House

Jubilee House is a Mennonite Voluntary Service Unit hosted by Prairie Street Mennonite Church and Fellowship of Hope. MVS Units provide a way for people from different backgrounds to join in community, live simply, and participate in serving the local neighborhood. (You can learn more about VS at the MVS web site.) Prairie Street is always excited to welcome people interested in joining Jubilee House, please explore the opportunities in our community and contact us!
Working in south central Elkhart gives you the opportunity to experience and engage with the problems facing large urban communities across America, but on a smaller scale. Your work will help change the neighborhood and yourself.
Interested in church leadership? Prairie Street has played a role in the beginnings of organizations like Goshen College, Mennonite Central Committee and Mennonite Mission Network. Today Prairie Street gives you the opportunity to chat with current church leaders or stretch yourself with a church internship. Why not walk over to Benham Ave. and pick out a class at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary?

“I truly experienced the meaning of community while working in Elkhart. It was so good to have people my age to dialogue with, to question reality, to comfort each other, and to struggle about our calling. Basically, that summer was one of the most nurturing summers I’ve ever had.” – Sarah [Jubilee House resident]

We love Elkhart, in fact, so much so that we made a whole list of why we love Elkhart. It’s 27 pages long (seriously). We think that you’ll love Elkhart too, here are some reasons why:

  • The only wheelchair recycling and reuse center in 500 miles.
  • Thriving community groups like People’s History of Elkhart, NAACP Elkhart Chapter and CPT Northern Indiana.
  • Sledgehammer-wielding octogenarians.
  • Many neighbors with experience in intentional community.
  • Five Latino groceries, an Asian market and a Black barbershop within biking distance (and an Amish family that delivers farm-fresh eggs!).
  • Restorative justice programs (including the first VORP in the U.S.) that work alongside the criminal justice system to provide alternatives for communities to heal.